A recent question was posted to /r/AskReddit:


The question received over 12,000 comments and was highly upvoted. The answers are a mini-exposé on the fast food industry as well as an opportunity for the various restaurants to improve their customers’ experience.

Here are some of the more interesting and quality comments:

Watch out for veggie burgers…

– Is there a fast food restaurant that can solve this problem and provide a quality veggie burger option?

Cleanliness is the first to go when it gets busy…

– Sonic should be listening to this thread to improve their training program and cleaning protocol.

The chicken salad isn’t fresh…

– A Chic-Fil-A representative should contribute their standards for food freshness to this thread.

Moldy shake machine…

– Is this happening at every McDonalds or just one location? A McDonalds representative could respond and share their cleaning procedures/policies.

Valuing Feedback on reddit

Redditors are talking about brands on reddit. They complain about products, offer ideas, and ask questions. For the businesses that are being discussed, this is a gold mine of feedback that can be incorporated into a larger customer service strategy.

These discussions also provide an opportunity for businesses to respond and cordially defend their practices. Many complaints or negative experiences are often isolated incidents that redditors will assume to be commonplace if a counterpoint is not provided.

The comments in this reddit thread will most likely not have a negative impact on any of the business mentioned, but they could serve as a catalyst for improving the customer experience which is the first step to a long-term marketing plan.