Understanding Reddit Marketing Book

Reddit is an intimidating platform to engage while representing a business. Unlike traditional social media platforms, Reddit has a reputation as being “anti-marketing”. We created Understanding Reddit, a comprehensive book on Reddit marketing that will give you the knowledge to confidently engage the Reddit community and will serve as a foundation for a successful Reddit marketing strategy.

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Part One: Becoming a Redditor

Excerpt from Understanding Reddit – Part 1: Becoming a Redditor

Understanding Reddit is delivered in two parts totaling over 100 pages of content. Part One helps you become a true Redditor so you are comfortable and confident in your ability to engage Redditors while representing your business.

Part One features the following content:

  • Chapter 1 – Setting up your Reddit account
  • Chapter 2 – How Reddit works
  • Chapter 3 – Navigating Reddit
  • Chapter 4 – Engaging Reddit: The basics
  • Chapter 5 – Engaging Reddit: Commenting
  • Chapter 6 – Before you make a submission
  • Chapter 7 – Engaging Reddit: Submitting posts
  • Chapter 8 – Reddit as a marketing resource
  • Appendix of resources and case studies

Part Two: Strategy and Execution

Excerpt from Understanding Reddit – Part 2: Strategy and Execution

Part Two of Understanding Reddit walks you through the process of creating and executing a custom Reddit marketing strategy for your business. After finishing Part Two, you will know exactly how represent your business on Reddit to create marketing results.

Part Two features the following content:

  • Chapter 1 – Writing your story
  • Chapter 2 – Taking inventory of your assets
  • Chapter 3 – Promotional Reddit submissions
  • Chapter 4 – Creating a Reddit strategy
  • Chapter 5 – Executing your strategy
  • Appendix of resources and case studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this book for?

A: Understanding Reddit was written for individuals who want to represent their business on Reddit and use Reddit as a marketing platform.

Q: I already use Reddit. Should I read this?

A: If you are thinking about using Reddit as a marketing platform, we highly recommend you read our book. It will give you the foundation for an ethical and successful Reddit marketing strategy.

Q: Isn’t it true that Reddit hates marketing?

A: Redditors dislike marketing tactics that do not contribute to the community. Understanding Reddit teaches you how to contribute value on Reddit so you can leave a positive impact on the community.