We created this infographic to give new redditors (or non-redditors) a quick briefing on what it takes to successfully promote your product on Reddit. The questions in this infographic should be asked by every marketer before they attempt to promote anything on Reddit. After you have qualified yourself or your product as eligible for promotion, you still need to go through the process of learning Reddit and formulating an ethical plan for success.


Question #1 – Are you an experienced Reddit user?

If not, you have some work to do. Reddit has a steep learning curve, but it is manageable for anyone who cares enough to learn. Take the time to learn how Reddit works technically and fundamentally. This is a basic hurdle that everyone can get over.

Question #2 – Do you offer genuine value in an honest way?

This question is a little abstract, but it is important. Reddit is very skeptical of everything and everyone. You have to be validated by more than just your word and if you are selling any BS, you will lose. Often when taking on a new client, we analyze their sales process and marketing materials before we do anything else. If there are ethical failures, we fix those first before attempting any promotional activities on Reddit.

Question #3 – Do you solve a problem for Redditors?

The purpose of this question is to get you thinking about what community on Reddit needs you. How are you going to improve the lives of a specific Reddit community? For some of you, this may mean you don’t even have a good enough product to offer. For others, it may mean that Reddit doesn’t have a community in your niche. Either way, you need to analyze your potential audiences and make sure your product is will make a difference in their life.

Question #4 – Do you have time for Reddit?

Do you have time to browse and contribute to Reddit on a daily or weekly basis? We recommend new Redditors spend at least 30 minutes a day. This consistent activity will help you learn about your target communities and provide reputation-building engagement opportunities. We are not big fans of hit-and-run Reddit activity because it usually does not work.

Question #5 – Are you committed to Reddit long-term?

We want to know if you have a long term outlook for Reddit. Often times, potential clients want quick and easy traffic generated from some magical front-page Reddit rainmaker. That would be great, but it is not practical. It takes longevity to create a valuable presence on Reddit. Plan on putting in a consistent effort and waiting for results to come over time. The good news: you can learn and gain value from Reddit while you are building on long-term success.