Learn how to plan and execute a Reddit AMA that generates brand awareness and contributes value to the Reddit community.

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The Marketer’s Guide to Reddit AMAs is the introductory guide that has everything you need to plan and execute your first successful Reddit AMA.

We created this guide because we see too many people struggling with their Reddit AMAs. Sometimes these AMAs are ignored by the Reddit community and other times they can do serious damage to a brand’s reputation. This guide is our attempt to eliminate low-quality AMAs and help marketers create better AMAs that not only generate brand awareness, but contribute real value to the Reddit community.

Excerpt from Chapter 2

Excerpt from Chapter 2 of “The Marketer’s Guide to Reddit AMAs”

Topics Covered in the Guide

  • Introduction to reddit AMAs
  • Planning an AMA
  • Submitting an AMA
  • Responding to AMA Questions
  • After an AMA
  • Case Studies
  • Special interview with a reddit user

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve never used Reddit before, can I do an AMA?

A: Of course, but we strongly encourage you to read Understanding Reddit for Your Business first. That will get you ready to understand the content in the AMAs guide.

Q: Am I qualified to do an AMA?

A: Good AMA candidates are businesses (owner, CEO, founder), content creators (authors, bloggers, podcasters, musicians, artists, comedians, filmmakers), and decision makers (politicians, community leaders, administrators).

Q: I thought redditors don’t like marketing.

A: Redditors do not like marketing that brings nothing to the table. Our guide teaches you how to contribute value with your Reddit AMA, so you leave the Reddit community a better place than you found it.

What they are saying


“I was unsure about Reddit and was hesitant to use it. I read the Marketers Guide to Reddit AMAs and my AMA ended up #1 on the front page of Reddit. These guys are miracle workers! Thank you!”

– Jen Briney, podcast host with a front page AMA